Thursday, September 25, 2014

The 15th Annual Latin Grammy Nominees

Again and again Mr Gabriel Abaroa and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts continues to select the same people which comprises artists from major record labels.

Mr Abaroa once said that nobody knew  the names of the nominees and winners until the night of the show. Unfortunately, this is a lie. For example, prior to the Latin Grammys Mr Abaroa and Calle 13 were running around Puerto Rico filling their mouth with donations of nusical instruments. The perception is that they are nice people in  trying to help others with these donations; the reality is another, Mr Abaroa and the Latin Academy, by doing that are "promoting" Calle 13 (for a vote ?);
another  example is the trip that Mr Abaroa took to Peru in company of Jesse & Joy, the Mexican pop duo that won the 2007 Latin Grammy Award for Best New artist. Everyone know they won because their Warner Mexico Record manager is Alejandro Abaroa, brother of the President of the Academy Gabriel Abaroa. Lets not fool the public ! Most of the New artist category have been won by an artist that is or has a relationship with Warner Mexico. Do  not forget Gaby Moreno, who won last year's Best New Artist, that even though she is listed under Metamorfosis Record Label. her album distribution is through Warner Mexico. For that matter, I would not doubt that again history repeats and this year's winner is Daniela Spalla.

It is funny to see that the same artists are nominated again and again. Most of the nominees are Mexicans  and Columbians. The usual trend.

As it has been previously mentioned, the Academy is full of artists with leftists ideas. Lets see if Mr Abaroa has the guts to shut up Calle 13 like he  did in previous years (microphone off).
I love music and I have a good ear for it, and still I do not understand what the Academy of Recording Arts love about Calle 13. Multiple nominations this year. Or is it there is a "voting pool" voting for them ? Maybe is time to consider taking the Latin Grammy Award show to Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia. Would Mr Abaroa make the same money if the Latin Grammys were in one of these countries ? Doubt it ! Another interesting fact is that the Latin Grammys has never been given in Mexico, which is the country that has won most of the Awards. I think Mexico would be perfect for an Award show, but would Mr Abaroa make the same salary ? Doubt it !

I was very surprised to see almost no participation by Brazilian artists. It seems Mr Abaroa  and the Academy has forgotten that Brazil is a huge country with very talented artists. This kind of observation has already surfaced in some internet blogs and I would not doubt that Brazilians eventually form their own Academy.
Please understand that not everything is bad about the Academy. We have :Ruben Blades,Drexler and Caetano Veloso. The rest does not make one !

Well, again what can we expect from an Academy in which his President has a salary of over $700,000USD. He does not want new innovative artists singing and presenting. He wants the oldies who he can manipulate and continue to exploit for his super salary.

Frustration is building among Academy members who thought they will be nominated .
Ask the Member of the Academy executive board who needed a beer ! I have to laugh to some extent !!!

And the winners are  ???  : ask the "voting pool".......

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